There are many stray dogs and cats all over the world. This is why it is suggested to spay female dogs and cats, and neuter male dogs and cats. Spaying removes the uterus from the females, and neutering removes the testicles from the males. This prevents reproduction, which in the long run prevents the overpopulation of animals and prevents specific health issues for some of the animals. Animal shelters all around the world are overpopulated due to pet owners not getting their animals neutered or spayed. In some locations, animal shelters are forced to put animals down to make room for the new ones.

Unfortunately, when people are looking for a family pet, a lot of people do not think to consider the animal shelters. They typically look for an expensive breeder or end up buying from a puppy mill. There are thousands, if not more, of puppy mills and breeders trying to produce the ideal puppy instead of trying to home the animals that are already looking for a home. Not only is this important for overpopulation, but this is important for the health of animals.

Some animals can be over-bred or are uncared for and continue to get pregnant. It is dangerous for the animal’s health to continuously get pregnant and give birth. Cats can be spayed/neutered as early as eight weeks. Dogs can be spayed/neutered around six months depending on the breed. Some breeds need to develop more before they are fixed. Spaying will prevent the cat or dog from going into their heat cycle (similar to a menstrual cycle). Neutering will help prevent the cat or dog from spraying everything to mark their territory. Studies show that early neutering can get rid of aggression. Some people choose not to follow through with this procedure due to the cost, but it costs less to spay or neuter them than it does to care for a litter of animals. Also, the humane society or other low cost clinics can help pet owners with spay or neuter costs.

It is thought that spaying or neutering a dog or cat will make them overweight, but that is not true. If the owner continues the animals exercise, the weight should not increase. All pet owners or future pet owners should research and consider getting their pets spayed or neutered. It is cost effective and better for the animal’s health. It is also better for the community around them.