About Niguel Animal Care Center

Niguel Animal Care Center, situated in Laguna Niguel, CA, offers comprehensive veterinary services. It is a fully equipped medical facility dedicated to providing quality care for animals in the area.

Our Mission

We are committed to cultivating a warm and compassionate atmosphere, where our staff and clients can build a foundation of trust. We will make every effort to ensure a friendly environment.

Welcome to Niguel Animal Care Center

We provide a full spectrum of medical, surgical, and dental services for dogs, cats, and small animals. Specializing in cutting-edge procedures like Rhinoscopy, Laparoscopic Spays, and TPLO, our emphasis on advanced surgeries sets us apart.

We prioritize the unique bond you share with your pet, recognizing its significance. Our experienced veterinary team collaborates closely with clients, believing that communication is key to optimal pet care. Niguel Animal Care Center is equipped to handle emergencies, featuring oxygen kennels for critical cases.

From routine spaying and neutering to intricate procedures like Cystoscopy and Endoscopy, we ensure your companion’s well-being. Trust us to create a healthy foundation for a lasting companionship. At Niguel Animal Care Center, we go beyond veterinary care; we’re here to nurture the special connection between you and your beloved pet.

cat sitting on the floor