According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), about 67% of households in the US own a pet. That is about 85 million families, and 63.4% of these families own a dog. The joy of having a pet dog in our life is unmatched. And how can one not feel happy when a furry friend waits for you wagging its little tail or licking your face as you arrive from work?

While you will feel their loyalty and love most of the time, there is also that little percentage that your fur baby will misbehave, especially when they are bored. It is important to have yourself get equipped with tricks should these instances occur. Here are the five effective ways to encourage positive behavior in your pet dog.

Spend quality time together

Spending time with the furry member of your family is a great way to build trust and connection with them. Focus on them and show them that you care, and they will reciprocate your love with love and affection. Be sure not to yell at them as it will stress them out. Dogs are social beings in nature and love to be surrounded by people. So, spending time with them will encourage them to listen and follow you.

Engage them in activities

Another way to encourage positive behavior in your dog is to engage them in different activities, let them have fun, and relax. Keeping your dog confined in a closed environment will get them bored and result in pent-up energy. This will likely make your dog anxious and aggressive. Take him on long walks at least once a day or engage them in a ball-throwing game to keep them occupied physically and mentally.

Acknowledge their good behavior

Like us, dogs are also eager to receive praise. Acknowledge when your dog is showing positive behavior and reward them with a treat, praise them with words along with a good rub on its belly, or cuddle them. Praising your dog and rewarding them with treats is a great way to encourage good behavior.

Feed them the right food

One misconception about our furry friends is that we think that we can feed them anything. Dogs may eat practically anything that they can see, but that doesn’t mean that it is alright to also feed them with it. What you feed your dogs can affect their behavior. Proper food will make your dog fit and healthy, and when they feel fit and healthy, they will also act healthy and positively. However, make sure to set a time on when to give your pet food. Setting rules during mealtime will teach them patience and prevent irritation and anxiety.

Stimulate your dog mentally

Allowing your dog to have a relaxing time will stimulate their brain and mental health. Give them activities that are exciting and will teach them obedience. Bring your dog with you when you go to the beach. Let them run in the sand and play with the water. A change of surroundings once in a while will do them good.

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