Thanksgiving is one of the greatest times for family and friend gathering and having some joyous and peaceful time. It also comes with a big feast and a variety of foods and indulging sweets and some of our pets want to have a share of it. That is something to be avoided at the best.

Here are safety tips and rules for this holiday which by the way works for most of other family and friend gathering too:

Rule number 1: No pets in the kitchen. You don’t want your pet to be a chef assistant in the kitchen.

Rule number 2: $500 fine for anybody in the house who offers pets any Thanksgiving food

Rule number 3: Secure the trash at any cost ( I have seen quite a few pets going through the trashlooking for food and getting poisoned by either still fresh food or even worse by food being in the trash for few hours or day with mold and bacteria grow on it ).

Rule number 4: Have a great time with family and friend and enjoy the moment

Here is also a list of common Human edibles that may cause a significant problem for your pets:

  1. Fatty food (may cause pancreatitis in dogs).
  2. Any meat with bones attached to it (may cause gastroenteritis and potentially blocking the gastrointestinal system).
  3. Grapes and Raisins (potentially can cause kidney failure in some dogs).
  4. Artificial Sweetener (Xilitol) in lots of cookies, gums…etc. (will cause low blood sugar which can be potentially life-threatening in dogs).
  5. Unbacked yeast bread dough (if ingested by dogs, the process of fermentation in the stomach may cause gastric dilation and even torsion of the stomach).
  6. Garlic and onion which can cause red blood cell rupture and coagulation disorder (which may cause internal bleeding).
  7. Chocolate poisoning in dogs( Which may cause cardiac arrest due to arrhythmia, gastrointestinal disorders and seizure).

Wish you, Your family ( furry and nonfurry) and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.