Bringing a new puppy or kitten and adding a furry family member bring joy and excitement to all family members. Not long time ago the most common sources to get puppies and kittens were Animal Shelters, Breeders, Pet stores.

Nowadays I am seeing an increasing number of my clients get their pets getting their pet online through an unknown source (Craigslist…etc.). Though you still might get a good and healthy puppy or kitten through this with less money to pay to a certified breeder, I have also seen some heartbreaking situations too.

Some of the sellers claim that they are breeders and they have been doing it for a long time, yet they are the third party that takes the pet from somebody else and sell it to you.

Here are some advice if you buy your new pet from an unknown source:

  1. Try to get the physical address of the seller and meet them in a breeding facility. A lot of third party sellers want to meet you in a shopping mall or Starbucks…etc. You see them once you may never see them again.
  2. Ask them specifically if they are working with a veterinarian and get the contact information of the veterinarian.
  3. Make sure that you come to an agreement that in case the purchased pet shows any serious sickness (which can be attributed as a pre-purchase existing sickness), you have the right to return the pet or get reimbursed for treatment.