Dogs And Their Health

Our pets depend on us for their care, and as time goes by some pretty deep relationships develop as a result of this interaction. We learn to watch the tail (wagging usually means ‘yes’, not wagging means ‘no’) and our dogs learn to spell c-h-e-e-s-e. It’s all good, right?

Despite the love and experience that grows between dogs and their owners, communication can still break down. One of those ways is in regards to a dog’s health. We may not recognize pets’ attempts to tell us that something is wrong. Often dogs may not even realize that they are in pain. It adds up to a health issue that can become long-term and far more expensive than it has to be. The key is an early detection of problems. Whether an owner learns to keep an alert eye on their dog, or they regularly visit with animal care specialists, everyone wins. The dog gets preventative care, the owners get a happier dog, and vets help reduce the suffering of animals in the community.

Dental Health Contributes To Overall Health

Dental health in dogs is one of those areas of animal medicine that has been improving throughout the country. With improved techniques and increasing awareness in pet owners, we can anticipate the improved health of dogs with all aspects of their teeth and mouths. Whether they built up dental plaque or they got a splinter in between their teeth, they can get the help they need.

Owners to The Rescue

Owners are the first line defense against these dental problems in dogs. Through routine care, they can prevent many issues. What kinds of routine canine care can you do? How about these?

  • Restricting snacks, soft foods, and human foods
  • Daily brushing with a doggy toothbrush
  • Healthy snacks that help clean teeth
  • Provide safe toys that won’t cause dental problems
  • Restrict bones, ice cubes, and yes, even rocks

We’re Your Backup

Here at Niguel Animal Care Center, we provide the backup you need when it comes to your dog’s dental care. We understand that some dogs are more prone to tooth problems. We’ve seen dogs get themselves into all sorts of odd situations, only because they have to put every little thing in their mouths.

Services We Provide

We can provide routine care for cleanings, cavities, removal of items that get caught in the gums, and more. This includes emergency services like removing porcupine quills from a sad dog’s mouth or fixing a broken tooth. We can examine your furry friend and help you understand their particular needs. Dental health does affect the rest of the body, and together we can make sure your dog stays healthy, active, and happy.

For the canine dental care that will assure a healthier dog in your life, contact us today at 949-916-7387 or