A person’s dentist recommends that they visit their dentist every six months for cleaning and routine check-ups, even if the patient doesn’t have any existing or noticeable dental problems. This is for good reason, as a person can’t see everything that is going on in their mouth, and some problems should be addressed sooner rather than later. Why would it be any different for your pet?

It is just as important for routine dental care for pets as it is for people, if not more so. When was the last time you dragged a stick around your backyard using only your mouth? One would hope the answer is never, but this is probably everyday if a person owns a dog. Pets may actually use their teeth way more than humans, and studies have shown that animals can tolerate pain a lot better than humans without showing symptoms. By the time a pet is showing symptoms, your pet may have a very advanced problem. This could all be avoided if routine dental visits were made.

Another key thing that a veterinarian can educate a pet owner about is how to take care of their teeth. Ever wonder why a pet’s breath smells so bad? I’m sure if humans just used treats to brush their teeth one’s breath would be quite repulsive as well. A veterinarian can show you how to take care of your pet’s teeth daily, which would also help the pet and pet owner have less dental issues in the long run. It sounds difficult but once a pet gets used to the routine it is no big deal.

There are several other issues that pets suffer through just as humans. Some pets may overuse their teeth and expose sensitive nerves that would be very painful. All pets are supposed to lose their baby teeth before their adult teeth come in just like humans. If these baby teeth do not fall out and the big teeth come in it can be painful, crowded and there could be a lot of plaque buildup that can cause more serious gum issues down the road.

Regular veterinary visits, as well as dental visits, are so very important for the health and future of your pet. Mouth health can also be an indicator of other things that are going on in the body. If a person loves their pet and wants them to live a long healthy life, dental visits for your pet are a must!